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This is Shuttle

Shuttle is a chocolate/tan dappled piebald shorthair

He weighs 14 pounds

Shuttle is the son of Rocket



Mr. Dillon

This is Mr. Dillon

Mr. Dillon is an Isabella colored miniature dachshund and he carries for all colors and piebald. He has a great personality that he passes to his puppies. He weighs 10 pounds and has a great hair coat. He has short legs and not too long of a body. He is very playful and loves to chase a ball. He is very easy to get along with and is never aggressive or snippy.


This is Rocky

Rocky is a chocolate and tan dapple, he reminds me

of rocky road ice cream. His birthday is August 28, 2015.



This is Jake.

Jake is an Isabella and Tan Mini-Dachshund.

He has sired several beautiful litters.

Jakes birthday is January 10, 2014