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Last updated Saturday, December 8, 2018 3:09 AM     



This is Brandy

Brandy is the daughter of Ingrid and the daughter of Rusty. She is a red long haired dachshund.

Brandy Weighs 10 pounds




This is Jessie

Jessie is a blue and tan long haired dachshund. She was born July 31,2013. Jessie weighs 13 pounds



This is Squeaky
Squeaky is a black and tan smooth short haired female Minature Dachshund. She was born November 1, 2013. She weighs 12 pounds



This is Freckles

Freckles is a blue dapple piebald short haired miniature dachshund. She was born December 6, 2013. She weighs 11 pounds.



This is Molly.


Molly was born January 4, 2014. She is a short coat chocolate and tan piebald. Molly weighs 13 pounds



This is April.

April was born on Febuary 10, 2014. She is a chocolate and tan Piepald.

April weighs 10 pounds.


This is Bluebelle

Bluebelle was born Febuary 10, 2014 She is a full sister to April

Bluebelle weighs 11 pounds.

Lil Bit

This is Madame Blueberry aka Little Bit.

Little Bit was born December 16, 2014. She is

a blue and tan smooth hair. She weighs 9.5 pounds


This is Tammy

Tammy was born March 29, 2015. She is a red dapple

long hair.Tammy weighs 9 pounds.


This is Krissy

Christie is a Blue and tan Dapple short hair. She was born

April 15, 2015. Kristy weighs 8.5 pounds


This is Patches

Patches is a black and tan dapple short hair.She was born

March 17, 2015. Patches weighs 9 pounds.