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Last updated Tuesday, November 9th, 2021 6:56 PM

Price range: $1,000 - $1,500
Prices are listed for Limited AKC Registration only. Call 1-208-659-6749 for price on Full AKC Registration.

 Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 will be required in order to put a puppy on HOLD.

Please make sure of the purchase of the puppy as there will be No Refunds.

Please read, fill out and print the sales contract and bring it with you when you pick up your puppy.

Once the deposit is received that puppy will be marked SOLD on our web site.
Deposits can be made by PayPal, cash, cashier’s check, money order. 

IF YOU PAY WITH PAYPAL- Call us prior to making your deposit so we can verify that the puppy you want is still available and we can mark it sold on our web site! You do not have to sign up with PayPal in order to make a payment, it is safe and secure. Please refer to the steps below.

 Final Payment: Must be paid by the time puppy is 6 weeks old, can be made by PayPal (please add an additional 3.5% for PayPal’s administrative fee), or on pickup day (Cash Only).

New Litters

Male born 1/6/22 $1,100

Male $1,100 Same Litter

Male $1,100 Same Litter




Kelly & Wes Davis

I wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with the new addition to our family. We picked up Willy on the 16th of October.
We have decided to name him Colt. He fits in with our two other precious dachshunds so well. He loves his big brothers.
We took him to the vet on the 18th for a wellness exam and he passed with flying colors. He is so sweet and lovable.
You did a wonderful job with him. He is doing great with house training.  I am attaching a picture of him with one of our other fur babies.

Thank you so much for our precious baby!
Kelly and Wes Davis

Al and Sue Ortmann

We had recently lost our 17 year old dachshunds, Buster and Rudy,a tough act to follow.  It had been almost 25 years since we had been
without dachshunds in our home when our brothers died.  My husband and I where both so lonesome for those wagging tails and
doggie antics, but we had no idea what laughter and endearment would enter our home with Betsy and Ruby from River City Doxies!
Even those quiet, tender moments with a napping puppy on our laps has been a special surprise.  We are very grateful for conscientious
breeding.  Our girls are sweet, well behaved , intelligent and beautiful to look at.  River City Doxies was a Divine gift!
From the delightful exploration of your website to holding and smelling our own puppies and all the wonderfulness in between.

Thank you for all your kindnesses…

Al and Sue Ortmann


I thought I'd share a couple photos so you can see she's doing quite well!!
I can't believe it. She's such a good dog and can already go outside
for the bathroom and has only had like 2 accidents. Your dogs are incredible!


I took our puppy to the vet on Monday to get her checked out and to get

established in the system so we can keep her updated on her shots and what not.

The vet checked her all over and trimmer her nails and we go back in a few weeks to get some shots.

He commented on how mild mannered she was and of course how beautifully marked!

I think we have decided to name her miss Hailey Mae. She is doing so well!!

We love her so much! Thank you for raising such a wonderful pup!


I was just sending a friendly update on our fur baby that we bought from you on December 24th, 2015.

We have decided to name him Clyde. He is the sweetest thing we could have asked for!

He is such a quick learner. Already knows how to use the dog door and goes right outside when he needs to use the bathroom!

Such a great addition to our family! And so many compliments on how beautiful he is!

Thank you so much for your awesome breeding and beautiful puppies!


Steps Prior to PayPal Deposits

  1. Please call 1-208-659-6749 (Preferred) or email the "Name" of the puppy you are choosing to confirm availability.
  2. Please note "Paid In Full" date (6 weeks) as well as Pick Up date.
  3. If you are interested in our Warranty, please read and fill out our Sales Contract.